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Strategic Partner: Shooter Detection Systems

When every second means that lives are on the line, place your trust in proven technology offered by experts in their field.

Shooter Detection Systems (SDS) is the leading provider of indoor gunshot detection solutions. Only SDS can offer its clients Active Shooter Intelligence™; the proven combination of next generation sensors, situational awareness software and out-of-the-box, direct to 911 capabilities your organization needs to automatically activate and manage your gun violence protocols. SDS Indoor is the only indoor gunshot detection product that is Red Seal SAFETY Act Certified by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. With over 50 manufacturer certified integrations with leading companies like Everbridge, Avigilon, Genetec and Siemens, you can quickly and confidently add SDS Indoor to your video, access control or mass alert capabilities.


The SDS Difference

By combining purpose-built acoustic and infrared sensors with proprietary detection algorithms, Active Shooter Intelligence™ takes machine learning to the highest level of accuracy—more accurate than video analytics or acoustics alone. SDS’ new Emergency Response Service harnesses the speed and accuracy of our gunshot sensor data by pushing location information and more right to the 911 call taker’s screens, giving them a real time dashboard full of actionable intelligence they need to get police and EMS to the scene fast.

Key Industries

Shooter Detection Systems revolutionizes security measures and enhances threat detection capabilities across multiple industries.

Through their industry-leading technology and commitment to safety, Shooter Detection Systems has made a significant impact, providing crucial support to enhance security measures in transportation, education, corporate settings, critical infrastructure, and public spaces.

Higher Education

Shooter Detection Systems is dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of students by offering a system with intelligent sensors that instantly detect gunfire within buildings, providing accurate alerts within one second and eliminating false alarms entirely. Designed for K-12 and Higher Education institutions nationwide, this system can function independently or seamlessly integrate with existing technologies, equipping Campus Police, students, visitors, and staff with prompt, actionable information crucial for making informed decisions during critical moments.

Safeguarding campuses and educational institutions:

  • Rapid identification of gunshots in campus facilities and open areas
  • Integration with existing security infrastructure, including access control and video surveillance systems
  • Quick deployment and scalability for large campuses

Enabling efficient emergency response:

  • Real-time alerts to campus security and law enforcement agencies
  • Precise gunshot location information for effective response
  • Automated emergency protocols and communication systems

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In transportation terminals, where large crowds gather, the need for security is paramount. Our trusted customers rely on the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System to ensure safety and accuracy in these complex environments. With exceptional precision,, it delivers real-time incident information, fostering situational awareness and enabling prompt decision-making when it matters most.

Enhancing security in transportation hubs:

  • Instant detection and precise location identification of gunshots
  • Seamless integration with transportation security systems
  • Real-time alerts and notifications to security personnel

Ensuring passenger safety onboard:

  • Swift identification of gunshots inside vehicles or terminals
  • Integration with onboard security systems for immediate response
  • Automated lockdown and communication protocols for passenger safety

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Customer Stories/Case Studies

Front office of Centner Academy in Miami, FL

Centner Academy

Lifesaving Information in Under a Second

When reaction times can mean everything

Aerial view of Pinkerton Academy in New Hampshire

Pinkerton Academy

Open Yet Secure

Protecting a 26 Building Campus with Gunshot Detection

Children sit in a classroom, raising their hands and listening to a teacher read them a book

North Providence Public Schools

Fortune 500-Sized Protection

Available for School-Sized Budgets

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Gunshot Detection by Shooter Detection Systems

In this insightful video, Mr. Jin Kim, a renowned FBI (ret) Active Shooter Subject Matter Expert and SDS Advisor, discusses the pressing issue of active shooters and shares his perspective on the current state of gun violence in the U.S. in 2023. Joining him, Mr. Jeff Bedell, President of Corporate Strategy for, highlights the latest advancements in Shooter Detection Systems, shedding light on new integrations and enhancements that hold immense potential for various markets.

SDS Gunshot Detection Featured on NBC's Today Show

Our SDS Indoor Gunshot Detection System gained significant attention nationwide when it took the spotlight in an exclusive segment on the TODAY Show. Jeff Rossen, a distinguished NBC National Investigative Correspondent renowned for his insightful "Rossen Reports" on TODAY, NBC Nightly News, and Dateline NBC, visited our headquarters in Rowley, Massachusetts. With a keen interest in verifying its efficacy, he personally tested the system to answer the burning question, "Does it actually work?" The outcome of this eye-opening experience left both Rossen and viewers amazed by the capabilities of our cutting-edge technology.

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