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Strategic Partner: Avigilon

Redefining Security with Advanced Technology

Experience the new era of Avigilon with our end-to-end video security and access control solutions. Introducing Avigilon Unity on-premise and Avigilon ALTA cloud security suites — powerful AI-enabled technology designed to protect what matters most. Our solutions seamlessly integrate across your video security system, providing critical information when you need it, empowering you to take decisive action.

Securing Tomorrow, Today

Advanced Protection Where It Counts

  • Video and Audio Analytics: Leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning, our Avigilon ALTA systems analyze and interpret video and audio data, enhancing security measures and enabling quick responses to incidents.
  • Access Control Systems: Experience enhanced security with Openpath's smart, customizable access control systems. Enjoy features like touchless, mobile entry, and cloud-based enterprise software for easy remote management.
  • Integrated Security: From video surveillance to visitor management and intrusion detection, our systems integrate seamlessly with leading technology partners to provide comprehensive security solutions.

Avigilon Alta Cloud Security Suite

Formerly Ava, Openpath

Experience the future of security management with Avigilon Alta, our advanced cloud-native security suite. This innovative solution allows you to oversee your security operations from anywhere, bringing modern cloud capabilities and analytics to your fingertips. Whether you're looking to deploy a fully cloud-native system or integrate Avigilon Alta with your existing cameras and readers, our platform enhances your setup with intelligent analytics and robust security features. Avigilon Alta is a 100% serverless solution, offering end-to-end encryption and unmatched operational flexibility to manage any number of sites and seamlessly integrate with your current IT infrastructure or custom applications.


Avigilon Unity On-Premise Security Suite

Formerly Avigilon Control Center, Avigilon Cloud Services, Avigilon Access Control Manager

Avigilon Unity redefines on-premise security, combining video security, access control, and flexible cloud management into a single integrated platform. Designed with AI-powered video management, Avigilon Unity prioritizes critical footage across multiple sites and synchronizes access control events with video evidence, enhancing situational awareness and response capabilities. This suite is built to handle large, complex environments with enterprise-grade scalability, providing convenient cloud-based access to manage your security infrastructure effortlessly from the palm of your hand.

Safer cities and stronger businesses

Key Industries

Whether your business is saving lives, moving products, educating future leaders, or providing services, we’ve got the technology you need to succeed.

Education and Healthcare

Secure educational institutions and healthcare facilities with systems that prioritize safety and efficiency.

Hospitality and Retail

Enhance customer experience and operational efficiency with analytics that monitor behavior, ensure compliance, and prevent theft, all while retaining privacy and simplifying compliance.

Cities and Government

Boost transparency and trust in your community with our ecosystem of reliable technology solutions, including law enforcement, fire and emergency services, and national security.

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Commercial Real Estate and Enterprise

From scalable access control systems for enterprises to customized solutions for commercial properties, Avigilon ALTA meets diverse industry needs with flexibility and superior interoperability.

Real Stories, Proven Results

Case Studies


Enhancing City Safety With Smart Video Security


U.S. Air Force Base Launches Intelligent Video Security Solution


5-Star Round-the-clock Security for State-of-the-art Equestrian Center

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