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Strategic National Partner: AMAG

Access Control and Management Solutions for Business Excellence

AMAG is a prominent player in the commercial security industry, specializing in comprehensive access control and security management solutions. Their product and service offerings are tailored to enhance security, streamline operations, and ensure the safety of businesses of all sizes. AMAG provides cutting-edge access control systems, visitor management solutions, and security management software, empowering commercial clients to achieve robust and seamless security.


AMAG's competitive edge in the commercial security industry is rooted in their relentless commitment to innovation and customer-centric solutions. They offer a complete suite of access control and security management products, ensuring a seamless and efficient security ecosystem. AMAG's solutions are renowned for their flexibility, scalability, and the ability to address unique customer needs. Their dedication to delivering reliable, comprehensive security solutions sets them apart, making them a trusted choice in the field.

Key Industries


In the critical field of healthcare, where security, compliance, and patient safety are paramount, AMAG has emerged as a pivotal partner. Their innovative access control and security management solutions have made a profound impact in healthcare facilities. With a focus on access control excellence, visitor management, and HIPAA compliance, AMAG empowers healthcare institutions to ensure patient safety and regulatory adherence.

  • Access Control Excellence: AMAG's systems provide secure access control, protecting sensitive healthcare environments.
  • Visitor Management Solutions: Streamlined visitor registration ensures security and a welcoming environment for patients and staff.
  • HIPAA Compliance: AMAG's solutions assist healthcare facilities in maintaining compliance with strict regulations.
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In the dynamic realm of education, creating a secure and productive learning environment is of utmost importance. AMAG's access control and security management systems have revolutionized security in educational institutions. With offerings including campus security, visitor management, and integration with student systems, AMAG enables educational establishments to provide a safe and efficient learning environment for students and staff.

  • Campus Security: AMAG's access control systems are pivotal in securing educational campuses, providing a safe learning environment.
  • Visitor Management: Efficiently register and manage visitors, enhancing security for students and staff.
  • Integration with Student Systems: Integration with student databases allows precise access control and attendance tracking.
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Case Studies

man on a bike riding past the exterior of British Columbia Institute of Technology

British Columbia Institute of Technology

Symmetry Grows 300%, Upgrades Implemented

security personnel showing their ID badge

City of Hobbs, New Mexico

Symmetry Meets Diverse Needs of Municipality

exterior aerial of Western State Hospital in Virginia

Western State Hospital

Symmetry Controls Access, Offers Incentive

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