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Strategic National Partner: Hexagon

Advanced physical security and incident management solutions 

Hexagon's Safety, Infrastructure & Geospatial division improves the resilience and sustainability of the world's critical services and infrastructure. Our technologies transform complex data about people, places and assets into meaningful information and capabilities for better, faster decision-making in public safety, utilities, defense, transportation and government.

Why Hexagon?

In a complex world, awareness is everything. With thousands of deployments in banks, utility companies, airports, seaports, city centers and transportation agencies, Hexagon helps organizations all over the world keep people and assets safe.

Key Industries

Hexagon's solutions integrate sensors, software, domain expertise, and customer workflows into intelligent information ecosystems. These systems provide actionable insights across a variety of industries, such as agriculture, construction, engineering, manufacturing, mining, utilities, and public safety.


Hexagon transportation solutions take a holistic approach by combining incident management technology with advanced video management solutions. Manage operations and emergencies from the control room, safeguard passengers and employees, maintain operations, and protect rolling stock and depots from vandalism and theft.

  • Reduction of damages: Damages can be fought effectively by using video technology. Hexagon transportation solutions help you avoid these with a tailor-made toolkit.
  • Operational support: Passengers expect public transportation to be on time – and every incident can cause delays and deviations, resulting in additional costs. Video and incident management solutions from Hexagon support operations and enable quick responses to critical situations.
  • Safety and security: Video technology makes people feel safer, especially in high traffic areas like public transportation stations and modes of travel, such as trains. Hexagon transportation solutions can help reduce incidences of crime and aid in the quick management of incidents.
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Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure plays a key role all over the world, and protecting it from threats like theft, vandalism, and terrorist attacks is essential due to its impact on daily life and the need to meet regulatory requirements. Hexagon safeguards these facilities, including power plants and oil refineries, by managing complex security data and providing a comprehensive view that guides operators in efficiently resolving incidents.

  • Perimeter protection: Protection against unauthorized access is one of the key challenges in critical infrastructure facilities. Hexagon solutions secure buildings and perimeters, combining intelligent video analytics with information from various sensors and creating real-time situational awareness.
  • Incident management: In a business disruption in critical infrastructure, millions of people may be affected. For this reason, incidents have to be resolved quickly, avoiding further escalations and keeping the impact as minimal as possible. Hexagon software correlates information from multiple systems in real time and guides operators through the resolution process.
  • Health and safety: Maintaining the health and safety of personnel and ensuring facilities meet all applicable security standards is not an easy task. Hexagon solutions can be used to monitor adherence to company policies and regulations, evaluating and mitigating risks in real time.
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Case Studies

Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit in Malaysia

Safeguarding tracks of the future

Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit (KVMRT) | Malaysia

plane taking off at Miami International Airport

Tracking incidents for continuous improvement

Miami International Airport | USA

Springfield college

Improved live monitoring, investigations and evidence export

Springfield College | USA

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