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Strategic Partner: Honeywell

Innovative solutions for unmatched protection.

Honeywell Commercial Security is a renowned leader in the commercial security field, dedicated to providing cutting-edge security solutions to businesses across various industries. From access control and video surveillance to intrusion detection, Honeywell Commercial Security delivers customized solutions tailored to meet the unique security needs of each client.

Their commitment to seamless integration, proactive measures, and exceptional customer support makes Honeywell Commercial Security the trusted partner for businesses seeking reliable and effective security solutions.


Key Industries

From healthcare to manufacturing and distribution, Honeywell provides tailored security solutions for your industry.

With a rich heritage of expertise and a commitment to technological innovation, Honeywell offers a comprehensive range of products and services designed to protect assets, enhance safety, and optimize operational efficiency.


In the healthcare industry, Honeywell Commercial Security plays a vital role in safeguarding medical facilities, patients, and staff:

  • advanced access control systems ensure secure entrances, restricted areas, and protect sensitive patient information
  • video surveillance solutions monitor critical areas, helping to deter theft and ensure the safety of patients and personnel
  • offers comprehensive visibility into healthcare operations, allowing security leaders to centralize data for remote monitoring, enhance efficiency in processes, and respond quickly to alerts.

Learn how frictionless access is helping healthcare security leaders maintain compliance and improve operational efficiency.

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Critical Infrastructure & Data Centers

Critical Infrastructure, government, and Data centers are facing increased regulation and higher operating expenses. Honeywell Commercial Security solutions help maintain the reliability of your systems and meet compliance.

  • A security ecosystem that brings intrusion, video, and access systems into one, unified interface.
  • Central management, data auditing, and event data are integrated to help meet compliance requirements.
  • Honeywell Integrated cyber-secure solutions are encrypted for enhanced data protection and remote monitoring improving scalability and cost efficiency.

Together, we can design a system that not only helps you protect critical assets like data centers but also helps avoid downtime. The right solution can reduce the impact that incidents and compliance have on operational and management costs.

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Customer Stories/Case Studies

outside shot of the building and its’ sign

Aruba Global Cloud Data Center

Streamlined Integration for Enhanced Security

Experience faster response times and heightened asset safety with our integrated systems and equipment. Aruba S.p.A., a leading company since 1994, specializes in data center services, web hosting, email, and more.

a bunch of computer stations inside a room with a wall of monitors

Muckleshoot Casino

Regulatory Compliance and Comprehensive Surveillance

Partnering with regulatory agencies, Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn, Wash., employs Honeywell’s MAXPRO NVR Software for managing over 1,100 cameras across its gaming properties.

police officer walks in front of emergency post

San Jose Evergreen Community College

Efficient Security Solutions for Educational Institutions

Enhance safety measures with our integrated Pro-Watch solution, enabling quick lockdown activation during emergencies. Honeywell's tailored integration facilitates seamless response coordination for improved campus security.

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