Our portfolio of services is provided by a team of skilled and qualified experts, who have in-depth knowledge of security principles and processes, a comprehensive understanding of your vertical, experience in developing intricate projects, and adherence to Security 101’s core values of fanatical customer service and integrity.


Axis offers intelligent security solutions to enable a smarter, safer world.

Over the last 30 years, our strategic national partner, Axis, has continuously launched innovative, sustainable network products through an open-based platform and expanded partner network. Their network surveillance technology empowers customers to interpret, predict, and respond to situations proactively in a broad spectrum of segments and applications.


Key Technologies

Access Control Solutions

  Access Control Solutions

Video Surveillance Solutions

  Network Video Solutions

IP Audio Solutions

  IP Audio Solutions

Customer Stories/Case Studies


Cameras help curtail rash of burglaries in industrial complex.


Gift of Security helps tackle the homelessness crisis.


Protecting special needs community with a Gift of Security.

Support from Security 101®

We are an authorized dealer for all products we install. Your business and your department can count on factory-trained and certified TEAM101™ expert technicians who are regularly reviewed and evaluated for integrity and compliance. Nothing is more important than our commitment to “fanatical” customer service with our clients. For support or technical assistance with products and installations please contact your local office directly.

Key Industries


Protect patients, staff, visitors and property from the operating room to the parking garage:

  • Safeguard hospital staff from workplace violence
  • Prevent drug diversion and supply theft
  • Protect infants from abduction or mix-ups
  • Restrict unwanted visitor access
  • Communicate hospital-wide with public address
  • Visualize and communicate with those in distress
Smart Hospitals Brochure


Protect your school with an efficient and reliable network-based security system from Axis to:

  • Ensure staff and student safety
  • Deter violence and theft
  • Minimize vandalism and costly repairs
  • Easily investigate incidents and identify suspects
  • Protect your school with educated security solutions

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Axis Communications maintains an extensive website and online portal for its partners and customers. You can visit the Axis website from the following link:

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Each year Axis recognizes the best of the best with our Partner of the Year awards, presented during our annual partner event, the Axis Connect & Converge Conference (ACCC). Selected partners have demonstrated exemplary success and loyalty, delivering innovative solutions to meet customer needs. Security 101 has received multiple awards over the past several years.



The following awards are a testament to our long-standing partnership for over a decade with Axis Communications and our commitment to providing our customers with best-in-class security solutions.

2022 Axis Awards

Healthcare Market Partner of the Year

2020 Axis Awards

Social Responsibility Award

2019 Axis Awards

Social Responsibility Award

2019 Axis Awards

Gold Partner of the Year

2018 Axis Awards

Social Responsibility Award

2017 Axis Awards

Banking & Financing Market Partner of the Year

2016 Axis Awards

Healthcare Market Partner of the Year

2015 Axis Awards

National Systems Integrator of the Year