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Strategic National Partner: LifeSafety Power

Intelligent Power Solutions for Smarter Security 

LifeSafety Power is a leading provider in the commercial security industry, specializing in intelligent power management solutions. Their products and services are tailored to enhance the reliability and performance of security systems for businesses of all sizes. LifeSafety Power offers advanced power supply solutions, remote monitoring, and predictive analytics, empowering commercial clients to achieve seamless, efficient, and robust security operations.

Why LifeSafety Power?

What sets LifeSafety Power apart in the commercial security industry is their unwavering commitment to innovation and reliability. They offer a comprehensive suite of intelligent power management solutions that redefine how security systems are powered. LifeSafety Power's solutions are known for their predictive analytics, remote monitoring, and integration capabilities, making them a trusted choice for businesses seeking highly reliable and efficient security solutions.

Key Industries

graphic representation of healthcare security


In the realm of healthcare, where patient safety, uptime, and reliability are paramount, LifeSafety Power has emerged as a crucial partner. Their intelligent power management solutions are designed to ensure uninterrupted power for critical healthcare facilities. LifeSafety Power provides predictive analytics for power system health, seamless integration with healthcare systems, and real-time remote monitoring, empowering healthcare providers to maintain patient safety, operational efficiency, and the continuity of vital services.

  • Predictive Analytics: LifeSafety Power's solutions predict power system issues, minimizing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted healthcare services.
  • Integration: Integration with healthcare systems ensures the seamless operation of critical medical equipment and systems.
  • Remote Monitoring: Real-time remote monitoring safeguards power systems and vital healthcare services.

abstract representation of critical infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure

In the critical field of critical infrastructure, where reliability, uptime, and resilience are non-negotiable, LifeSafety Power plays a pivotal role. Their intelligent power management solutions provide the reliability necessary for critical infrastructure sites. LifeSafety Power offers predictive maintenance, intelligent power management, and real-time remote monitoring, ensuring the continuous availability of power, essential for security, protection, and critical infrastructure operations.

  • Predictive Maintenance: LifeSafety Power's predictive analytics identify potential power system issues before they disrupt critical infrastructure operations.
  • Intelligent Power Management: Their solutions manage power intelligently, optimizing the reliability of critical infrastructure systems.
  • Remote Monitoring: Real-time remote monitoring safeguards power systems and critical infrastructure operations, guaranteeing continuity and security.

Case Studies

photo of the exterior of NOVA building

NOVA Upgrades to Managed Power

Sprawling campus taps proactive analytics to monitor access control solution

photo of the Security Division of the Facilities Management Department (FMD) in Travis County, Texas

Travis County Counts on Monitored Power for Continued System Integrity

Multi-phase access control upgrade moves from outdated legacy to updated networked solution

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