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Strategic Partner: Illustra

Revolutionary Video Surveillance and Camera Solutions for Unmatched Protection

Illustra, a Tyco company, is the pinnacle of innovation in the commercial security industry. They provide cutting-edge security solutions that encompass high-performance IP cameras and intelligent video management software. Illustra's products are meticulously designed to enhance security, reduce risks, and streamline operations for businesses of all sizes.

What Sets Illustra Apart

Illustra's superiority in the commercial security industry is evident through their unwavering commitment to innovation. They continuously push the boundaries of technology, delivering state-of-the-art IP cameras that capture every detail with exceptional clarity. Their video management software is both powerful and intuitive, enabling businesses to monitor and manage security effortlessly. Illustra's dedication to quality, reliability, and cutting-edge design sets them apart, ensuring customers enjoy peace of mind and unmatched security.

Key Industries


Illustra's cutting-edge IP cameras and intelligent video management software empower retailers with crystal-clear video, analytics, and scalability for enhanced security and operational optimization.

  • Exceptional Video Clarity: Illustra cameras provide crystal-clear footage, aiding in loss prevention and fraud detection.
  • Intelligent Analytics: Advanced analytics features help retailers understand customer behavior and optimize store layouts.
  • Scalability: Illustra's solutions are easily scalable to fit the needs of small boutiques or large retail chains.
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In the dynamic world of aviation, security is paramount. Illustra's innovative solutions have made a significant impact, redefining security standards in airports and aviation facilities worldwide. 

  • Enhanced Surveillance: Illustra's high-performance IP cameras provide aviation professionals with unparalleled surveillance capabilities, ensuring the safety of passengers and assets.
  • Operational Efficiency: The integration of intelligent analytics empowers airports to optimize operations, improve passenger flow, and reduce costs.
  • Scalable Security: Illustra's solutions grow with the demands of the aviation industry, maintaining top-tier security in the face of evolving threats and challenges.
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Case Studies

Kentucky Underground Storage Inc logo

Kentucky Underground Storage

Diverse storage business increases security and upgrades surveillance with Illustra cameras.

St. Joseph's Health Care London logo

St. Joseph's Health Care London

St. Joseph’s Health Care London upgraded its surveillance equipment with illustra cameras.

Hollywood Bowl logo

Hollywood Bowl

The Hollywood Bowl updated their surveillance system along with 120 Illustra cameras.

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