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Strategic Partner: Genetec

Pioneering the future of commercial security with innovative solutions and unrivaled expertise.

Genetec is a global leader in security solutions, offering a comprehensive suite of products and services. They specialize in video surveillance, access control, and license plate recognition, helping businesses enhance their security infrastructure.

What Sets Genetec Apart

Genetec stands out from its competitors with their commitment to innovation and a unified platform that seamlessly integrates security systems. Their customer-centric approach and emphasis on data security make them a preferred choice in the industry.

Key Industries


Genetec's solutions have a significant impact on the retail sector, ensuring the safety and efficiency of businesses. They excel by:

  • Streamlining in-store operations with video analytics.
  • Reducing shrinkage and enhancing loss prevention.
  • Enabling data-driven decisions for better customer experiences.
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Genetec's influence extends to the transportation industry, contributing to safer and more efficient systems through:

  • Real-time monitoring of transit systems.
  • Optimizing traffic management with intelligent insights.
  • Enhancing passenger safety and security.
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Case Studies

image of higher education institution on a sunny blue sky day


Technology report: Access control in higher education

HID Global and Genetec commissioned a survey to provide insights about access control in the higher education market.

servers in a data center


Data centre security; fighting on two fronts

This white paper outlines the rationale and guidance for addressing the cyber and physical security of data centre facilities in a single plan.

woman at the checkout counter of a retail store, handing over her credit card


Physical security solutions for retail

Genetec discusses the importance of modern physical security solutions for retail, emphasizing the benefits of unifying data from various sources to improve security.

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