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Strategic National Partner: Qognify

Intelligent Solutions for Smarter Commercial Protection 

Qognify is a leading provider in the commercial security industry, specializing in intelligent solutions for safety, security, and operations. Their products and services are tailored to enhance situational awareness, incident management, and operational efficiency for businesses of all sizes. Qognify offers cutting-edge video management, analytics, and incident management solutions, empowering commercial clients to achieve robust, efficient, and smart security operations.


Why Qognify?

What sets Qognify apart in the commercial security industry is their unwavering commitment to innovation and reliability. They offer a comprehensive suite of intelligent solutions that redefine security and operational efficiency. Qognify's solutions are known for their advanced video analytics, incident management capabilities, and their ability to harness data for smarter, more proactive security. Their dedication to user-friendly design, scalability, and cutting-edge technology makes them a trusted choice for businesses seeking efficient and comprehensive security solutions.

Key Industries


In the dynamic world of transportation, where passenger safety, operational efficiency, and incident management are paramount, Qognify has emerged as a vital partner. Their intelligent solutions are designed to enhance safety and security in transportation hubs. Qognify offers advanced video analytics to improve passenger safety, streamlined incident management for swift responses, and data-driven insights to optimize operational efficiency in the transportation sector.

  • Video Analytics: Qognify's video analytics enhance passenger safety by identifying potential security threats and ensuring smooth operations.
  • Incident Management: Their solutions enable transportation hubs to efficiently manage and respond to incidents, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of passengers.
  • Operational Efficiency: Qognify leverages data to improve operational efficiency, from managing passenger flow to enhancing security measures.
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Critical Infrastructure

In the realm of critical infrastructure, where security, protection, and data-driven insights are non-negotiable, Qognify plays a pivotal role. Their intelligent solutions provide the security intelligence necessary for critical infrastructure sites. Qognify offers efficient incident management and response, leveraging data for improved security, protection, and operational efficiency, ensuring the continuous availability of power, essential for security, protection, and critical infrastructure operations.

  • Security Intelligence: Qognify provides security intelligence to safeguard critical infrastructure sites, monitoring for potential threats and breaches.
  • Incident Management: Their solutions facilitate efficient incident management and response, ensuring a swift and effective reaction to security incidents.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Leveraging data is at the core of Qognify's offerings, providing valuable insights that improve security, operational efficiency, and protection in critical infrastructure operations.
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Case Studies

exterior shot of the La Samaritaine in Paris

La Samaritaine

Qognify provides video surveillance for a Paris legacy

Shot of the first car front of the Tel Aviv Light Rail

Tel Aviv Light Rail

Qognify delivers end-to-end management across the Tel-Aviv Red Line

Grocery store employee checks out customers at his register

Food Retailer

International roll-out of Qognify video management software

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