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Strategic Partner: BCD Video

Purpose-Built Video Surveillance Solutions

BCD is a trusted provider of innovative video surveillance solutions tailored for commercial security needs. Their extensive range of products and services includes high-performance video storage systems, robust network infrastructure, and customized video management software. BCD is dedicated to delivering reliable, scalable, and resilient solutions that enable seamless integration and efficient management of security systems.


The BCD Difference

BCD sets itself apart from competitors through its unique combination of top-quality products, unparalleled expertise, and exceptional customer support. With a strong focus on engineering excellence, BCD specializes in designing and manufacturing purpose-built solutions optimized for video surveillance applications. Their commitment to delivering highly reliable systems capable of meeting the demands of complex security environments distinguishes them from the competition. Moreover, BCD offerings extend beyond cyber-hardened and purpose-built hardware, as they also provide their Harmonize software integrations, enabling scalability, disaster recovery, cloud connectivity, and predictive failure features for enhanced system performance.

Key Industries

BCD has made significant contributions to multiple industries by providing innovative video surveillance solutions. BCD has made a significant impact in key sectors including healthcare, higher education, property management, manufacturing and distribution, and local government. With their industry-leading solutions and dedication to customer satisfaction, BCD continues to drive advancements in video surveillance technology across various sectors.



BCD'’ solutions have helped healthcare facilities enhance their security measures. They offer comprehensive video storage systems, network infrastructure, and management software tailored for healthcare environments. Their solutions enable proactive monitoring, compliance with privacy regulations, and integration with access control systems to ensure the safety of patients, staff, and sensitive areas.

Comprehensive security infrastructure:

  • High-capacity video storage solutions to accommodate extensive healthcare facility surveillance
  • Scalable network architecture for seamless integration of multiple cameras and locations
  • Customizable video management software with advanced analytics for proactive threat detection

Compliance and privacy considerations:

  • Secure video data storage and encryption to protect patient privacy
  • Integration with access control systems to ensure restricted access to sensitive areas
  • Auditing and reporting capabilities to meet regulatory requirements


BCD has made notable contributions to the transportation industry through its advanced video surveillance solutions, successfully implementing its technology in transportation terminals and enabling a safer and more secure environment for passengers and staff. BCD's solutions offer high-capacity video storage systems, robust network infrastructure, and intelligent video analytics featuring real-time monitoring, incident detection, and situational awareness, allowing transportation authorities to respond swiftly and effectively to potential threats.

Robust video surveillance solutions:

  • High-performance video storage systems capable of handling large amounts of footage
  • Reliable network infrastructure for real-time monitoring and incident response
  • Video analytics capabilities for proactive threat detection and passenger safety

Integration and interoperability:

  • Seamless integration with access control and alarm systems for comprehensive security management
  • Integration with transportation management systems for enhanced situational awareness
  • Centralized video management software to streamline operations and improve efficiency

Customer Stories/Case Studies

Norfolk city sign

City of Suffolk

BCD Helps Delver Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design

For a city that depends on having a constant access to video data, BCD delivered a hybrid HCI solution that served as a critical “safety net.”

a busy airport terminal with a video surveillance camera installed above

Minot International

Unified Video Solution Secures Growing International Minot Airport

BCD’s unified video solution secures growing Minot International Airport in North Dakota.

classmates walk in school hallway with video surveillance cameras installed in the ceilings above them

Texas School District

BCD Executes Best-Practices Solution in Texas Schools

A Texas school district encompassing about 100 square miles with 45 buildings and 35,000 users needed to update its video storage capabilities.

black and white image of Big ben in the UK

BCD in the UK

Quadrant Security Group Ltd uses US-based BCDVideo equipment

BCD equipment used for an unnamed UK police force, where a resilient solution was needed that met budget constraints.

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