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Strategic Partner: AVA now Avigilon Alta

Simpler video security and powerful intelligence for everyone.

AVA Security (now Avigilon ALTA) is a technology company that specializes in video and audio analytics for security purposes.

Their software uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze and interpret video and audio data, allowing businesses to enhance their security measures and respond quickly to potential threats.

Key Industries

Creating safer cities and building stronger businesses.

Whether your business is saving lives, moving products, educating future leaders, or providing services, we’ve got the technology you need to succeed.


In the hospitality industry, AVA Security's technology can be used to monitor guest and staff behavior, ensure compliance with health and safety regulations, and prevent theft and vandalism. The software can also be integrated with other systems such as access control and point-of-sale to provide a more comprehensive security solution.

The key benefits for hospitality security are:

  • Build from existing investment while retaining privacy
  • Collaborate securely and quickly
  • Save storage and money
  • Simplicity and compliance
  • Improve customer experience
  • Gain operational insights
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In the retail industry, AVA Security's technology can be used to monitor customer behavior, detect shoplifting and other types of theft, and analyze foot traffic patterns to optimize store layouts and improve customer experience. The software can also be used to monitor and prevent employee theft and fraud.

The key benefits for retail security are:

  • Better overview of operational insights
  • Save storage and money
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Simplicity and compliance

Customer Stories/Case Studies

Case Study_The Thief Hotel_Header

The Thief

Keeping thieves away from The Thief

How this luxury hotel streamlined operations and strengthened customer satisfaction with an intelligent video security solution.

Phipps Houses  Banner 2

Phipps Houses

Simple, scalable, proactive security keeps communities safe

How NYSS, Inc. partnered with Ava Security and Feenics, enabling Phipps Houses to provide a safe shelter for its residents.

Hempire Website

The Hempire Collective

Solving security and compliance struggles with Ava cloud solution

How The Hempire Collective cannabis farm and dispensary solved its security and compliance struggles with the right cloud video security solution from Ava Security

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