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SiteGuard 101™ Proactive Video Monitoring

Advanced AI-powered video surveillance that protects your people and assets non-stop.

Welcome to the future of property security — SiteGuard 101, powered by Blue Eye. Experience around-the-clock virtual guard protection, designed specifically for intelligent detection, dynamic interception, and strategic prevention. With our innovative remote video monitoring and virtual guard protection services, you can rest assured your assets are closely watched and proactively guarded against any potential threats 24/7.

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Uniting AI tech with human insight to deter crime

SiteGuard 101™ is not just another video surveillance security system.

It's a comprehensive security technology that leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence, advanced analytics, and human discernment to offer live video monitoring like no other. Our technology goes beyond passive observation, turning your security surveillance cameras into proactive defenders of your property in real-time, preventing crime before it occurs.

Why choose SiteGuard 101™?

Choosing SiteGuard 101™ for your organization's security needs means investing in peace of mind and unprecedented protection. Our unique combination of cutting-edge technology and dedicated human monitoring ensures that your site is not just watched over but actively defended against criminal activities. Here, we outline the key features and benefits that set SiteGuard 101™ apart, demonstrating why it is the premier choice for businesses seeking elite protection. 

  • Flexibility tailored to your needs: SiteGuard 101, powered by Blue Eye, delivers adaptive and tailored security protocols, setting us apart from competitors who adhere to inflexible, generic protocols. Recognizing the distinct needs of each site, we work closely with clients to craft custom solutions, steering clear of the limitations imposed by one-size-fits-all approaches, all without incurring extra costs. Our approach celebrates the uniqueness of every site, with a focus on flexibility and personalized solutions over standardization, guaranteeing an unparalleled customer experience.
  • 24/7 security monitoring: Uninterrupted surveillance cameras tirelessly watch over your premises night and day, ensuring every corner is under vigilant eyes at all times.
  • Prevent false alarms: Say goodbye to the frustration of false alarms. Our state-of-the-art video analytics system discerns real threats from benign movements, ensuring only genuine risks are acted upon, discouraging intruders and safeguarding your property from intrusions.
  • Interactive response: Upon detecting any signs of suspicious activity, our experienced virtual guards promptly take necessary measures to deter or reduce potential criminal behavior. Actions may include delivering verbal warnings through the camera system's loudspeakers or alerting law enforcement authorities.
  • Advanced AI analytics: Our smart technology is designed to recognize and analyze patterns of movement and behavior that typically precede unauthorized intrusions or criminal actions. When suspicious activity is detected, the AI system immediately alerts our remote guards to the potential threat, enabling a swift and precise response to deter crime effectively before it escalates.

Established credibility

With a proven track record, we currently support thousands of sites across North America and serve dozens of Fortune 500 customers. Our commitment to excellence and reliability speaks for itself.

SiteGuard 101™ is tailored to give you peace of mind

  • Cost-effective: Enjoy superior security at a fraction of the cost of traditional on-site guards. While guards can respond quickly to incidents, their services come at a high cost and are limited by the available manpower in the area.
  • Minimization of human error: AI's consistent vigilance and inability to become distracted or fatigued means that it does not overlook or misinterpret potential threats as humans might. By integrating advanced AI analytics, SiteGuard 101™ provides a more reliable, error-resistant approach to security, ensuring the highest level of protection for your business.
  • Continuous improvement: Our commitment to excellence means your security system gets regular updates and enhancements, offering state-of-the-art protection constantly.

We are industry experts

Whether you're a retail business owner, oversee a commercial property, or are responsible for safeguarding an educational, governmental, or healthcare organization, SiteGuard 101™ is your partner in ensuring resilient security.

Our proactive video monitoring solution, coupled with the expertise of our industry professionals, empowers you to address the distinctive challenges and threats encountered across various sectors. This comprehensive approach provides unmatched security, allowing you the freedom to concentrate on what truly counts - your business.

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Don't wait for a security breach to realize the importance of proactive and remote video monitoring protection. With SiteGuard 101™, live and interactive security is within your reach. Enhance your property's safety, reduce your costs, and join the ranks of satisfied customers who trust SiteGuard 101™ for their security needs.

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