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Augment or replace guards  for incredible savings

Now, saving does not mean you have to sacrifice quality and coverage on your facility’s security plan.


SiteGuard 101 Value Proposition

* Based on typical annual cost for one (1) security guard.
A proactive and interactive remote video monitoring solution, SiteGuard 101 is a 24/7 virtual guard service that remotely monitors your property to detect and deter potential intruders while directly addressing suspects via loudspeaker.

siteguard-svi-logo.pngOur best-in-class analytics solution utilizes Security Video Intelligence (SVI) and assists remote guards to ensure a lower cost-of-ownership by preventing false alarms as well as potential liabilities that often come along with physical guards. SVI means your system is constantly being reviewed and the effectiveness of the analytics in place are improved to ensure the highest level of coverage and protection.

Learn more about the concept of remote security by downloading the white paper from Security 101.


SiteGuard 101 example installation
The example above shows an 8 camera / 5 loudspeaker system, enabling expertly-trained remote operators to interact with most anyone on the grounds of this site.


Virtual Guards for Remote Video Monitoring Solutions


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